February 21, 2009

Ford GT90

Ford GT90 - Front

Ford GT90 - Back

Well, this is an oldie. My first 3D model, to be exact; back from 2003!

The story goes like this: back then I was hooked on GTA: Vice City and loved playing around with modifications that change the functional-but-ugly cars of the game into detailed cars modeled after real ones. But no-one had modeled my favorite car, the Ford GT90. The solution? Modeling one myself.

It took a very long time, since I had to go as I learned how 3D modeling worked, but after some months I finally had a finished car done entirely by me.

Ironically, the car was never properly converted into the game engine, which was its original purpose, but I had found a new hobby.

It was modeled using Zanoza Modeled and has roughly 10,000 polygons.