September 19, 2010

Version 4!

Version 4

It's here, at last!

Finally, after my personal life and physical well-being got in the way and delayed the new version of my page even further, I got the time to get everything in place. And there's plenty of new stuff! Don't believe me? Take a look:
  • First of all, there's the brand new look. Look around! Isn't it pretty?
  • More RSS feeds for you! Now you can subscribe to specific feeds that deliver only some specific posts, rather than all of them. This will be an option that I will use more in the future, but there's already a "gallery only" feed available, if you just want to look at my pretty pictures rather than read my rants!
  • Don't like RSS feeds? Follow me using my Twitter account; I'll tweet whenever I post something new, and since I don't use it that much (I can't think of anything to tweet about...) I won't bother you with useless information.
  • There's a share button on the bottom of each post, so it's a lot simpler now to share stuff with your friends!
  • Looking for a specific post? You can check the new archive that even includes navigation by common tags.
  • Finally, the most important feature of this new version will be one that will happen over time: more content. While this site was mostly used as a gallery before, this time around there will be more informative posts, articles and even some peeks into unfinished artwork! There is even a big surprise coming in 2011!
And there you go. I think. I hope I'm not forgetting anything... Anyway, I hope you like it and find the navigation intuitive. If you have any suggestion, feel free to drop a comment or send me an email!