February 6, 2011

The Descent

The Descent

Here's a very important piece of work, to me.

This was one of the first products of my Wacom tablet. I had the idea stuck in my mind (and on paper) for a long time before I got the tablet, but every time I tried to paint it digitally, it just didn't come out right. I had the basic shapes covered, but shading with a mouse simply didn't cut it, so I had to let the idea go.

Eventually, I got the tablet and at first didn't even remember about this idea. I was happy just fooling around and experimenting with my brand new device (remember Frail?). When I came across some sketches for The Descent, I finally remembered it, and thought it was time to finish it. Well, finished it I did!

This was one of the first times that I felt that my idea was perfectly realized, exactly to the most tiny details. It was the picture I had in my mind, only it wasn't only in my mind, this time! My style has evolved quite a bit since then, but this was a huge turning point for me, as an artist. And The Descent is still one of my personal favorite pictures I've done. Wohoo!

Anyway, if you're considering getting a tablet but don't know if it's worth it, my advice is: go get it, nao!