July 19, 2011

Farewell, dear polygons!

I’m a 3D modeler no more.

Actually, I haven’t been one for quite a while, but that fact only hit me a couple of days ago, during another session of my yearly “let’s organize all these messy files on my computer”. Upon opening my ‘3D models’ folder, I realized how many unfinished projects I had lying around and, most importantly, how much time had passed since I fired up any kind of 3D modeling software.

In reality, 3D modeling was never a serious thing, for me. Not like graphic design and painting, no. It was more of a hobby, and an overly technical and complex one at that! Creating the models was always fun, even if occasionally tough, but creating the textures was always my favorite part. Plus, I was never really able to keep up with all the newest techniques. Normal mapping? Shaders? Parallax mapping? Not for me, thanks!

Anyway, after I got my hands on a tablet, I began to focus on 2D artwork more and more. Eventually, and unintentionally, I was done with what had once been a big part of my artistic life.

That’s not to say I won’t play with 3D modeling software ever again, no sir! Still, the chances of me completing another model in the near future are a bit on the slim side.

In the meantime, here’s a collage of nice-looking renders, detail pictures and work-in-progress models I found on my neglected ‘3D models’ folder:

3D Mosaic, 13D Mosaic, 2