July 3, 2011

New commenting system!


This was something that I had been planning to do for a long, long time, but only now had the time to implement. While Blogger's commenting system is not the service's only downside, it certainly is one of the most significant.

Ever since I started the Super Mario Icons Extravaganza, I've been asking for comments, feedback and suggestion for icons for me to create, but I wanted to make things easier and more engaging for you and me.

Enter Disqus. You've certainly came across the service on a lot of different sites, and probably have used it before.

Out of all the services I studied and considered, this is certainly the most user-friendly and complete of them all.

Here's what new:
  • You're now able to comment using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Open ID or (obviously) Disqus account!
  • Don't want to? You can still comment anonymously (though this time you'll need a valid email address), of course.
  • There's no more need for my approval for the comments to show up in the site, you post it and it shows up immediately.
  • You can also add images to your comments, now. I'm sure that'll come in handy when you want to suggest a new Super Mario icon!
  • The service also lets you share my posts with your friends, via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Most importantly, it's now possible for me to reply to your comments individually, which I promise I'll do!
As usual, I'm probably forgetting some awesome stuff this service offers, but I think it's clear how awesome this new commenting system is, right?

For all the Extravaganza fans that commented on the Hub: unfortunately, there is a small bug in the service that prevents it from working on static pages, like the one I was using for the Hub, so I had to move it to another location. This means that your comments won't be there anymore.

I'm very sorry about that. I had to either keep the original commenting system, or move the page and lose the comments. I decided to move the page in order to offer you a better experience and to better communicate with you in the future.

I hope you understand!