January 1, 2012

Thank you & Happy 2012

Thank you & happy 2012

It's hard to believe the year's already over.

2011, for me, was a year of committing, of trying new stuff and of giving back to the people who enjoy my work. In a nutshell, it was a year of extravaganza. (Right?)

The Super Mario Icons Extravaganza, like I said at the beginning of the year, was a big 'thank you' to everyone to the thousands of people who had downloaded and shared my Super Mario Icons pack. Even though I was pretty excited about it when I first thought of it (with the help of my sister – thank you, too), I'll admit that, as 2011 neared, I got a bit scared. Was I able to pull it off? Could I really do a new icon every single week of the year? Would I fall short of my objectives? Those questions were mortifying!

Still, I went ahead and decided to do it. And it went great, all thanks to your feedback and motivations. I want to thank all of you who downloaded, commented and dropped me emails. I really appreciate the support.

As a thank you present, here's 14 more icons to satisfy your customization needs. These are not new icons, just different colored versions of a few icons that were a part of the Extravaganza. They were initially planned as a "last minute" icons for especially busy weeks, but I felt like they defeated the whole purpose of this ordeal, so I scrapped them.

Bonus week

Click here to download them. Alternatively, they're available to download as a part of the Super Mario Icons pack, now updated with the 66 Extravaganza icons, for a total of 130 icons! 

Looking back on the Extravaganza year, I think I took care of most of your requests. If I haven't done yours, I'm sorry, it was probably because it was way too complex of an icon for me to be able to do, at the time. There will be other opportunities to get them done, I'm sure!

Speaking of which, I'll admit I have thought of keeping the Extravaganza going through 2012, but it's really not a feasible plan for me. College's wrapping up this year, and I gotta be at the top of my game, so that means no committing to tight deadlines outside of college projects. I'm sure you understand.

Additionally, I want to focus a bit more on some personal projects and original artwork, rather than playing around with other people's property! Stick around for it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

So, here we are. I had a lot of fun, this year. I hope you had too, and I hope this next year brings even more fun to all of us!

Happy new year, everyone!