February 9, 2013

Announcing the Sonic the Hedgehog Icons pack!

Here it is, the "thing" I wasn't planning on doing, but ended up doing anyway: the Sonic the Hedgehog Icons pack!

Like I wrote last time, this was something that, on paper, made a lot of sense: most of you probably know me as the Super Mario Icons-guy, but as much as I love the Mario games, I'm a much bigger Sonic fan, having grown playing the 16-bit hedgehog classics and loving them to death.

So why did it this long for this icon pack to happen? Well, the truth is that, as harsh as this may sound, the Sonic universe is simply not as iconic as Mario's. If you think about it, every item, character, enemy, power-up in the Mario games is incredibly iconic, simple, and instantly recognizable, even in smaller sizes. I bet almost everyone could draw a Goomba from memory alone. And a Super Mushroom. And a Question Block. And several other items/enemies/power-up/etc. Even as a Sonic fan, I don't think I could even name one Sonic enemy, let alone draw it from memory.

So, what does this mean? It means that I don't believe the Sonic Icons pack will ever have as many icons as the Super Mario one, but I still hope you'll enjoy them!

The good news, for me, is that SEGA doesn't release as much artwork as Nintendo, which means that I have a bit more artistic freedom when it comes to creating the icons. I'm super happy with the results, so far, and hope you'll like them too!

Anyway, the Sonic the Hedgehog Icons pack will be available soon on my DeviantArt page, containing about 20 icons, with more to come at a later time!